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Málaga Film Festival 

carles-torras-martin-bacigallupo-juan-sebastian-vasquez-callback-malaga-festival carles-torras-martin-bacigallupo-juan-sebastian-vasquez-callback-malaga-festival carles-torras-juan-sebastian-vasquez-callback-malaga-festival

Cinematographer (ESCAC 2009), Known for  CALLBACK Best Movie Award at the Malaga Film Festival 2016.

HOLLYWOOD REPORTER on Juan Sebastian Vasquez / Callback

“Lenser Juan Sebastian Vasquez drains scenes of much of their color, so that at times it looks like black-and-white, with one scene ironically echoing Woody Allen’s classic Manhattan-skyline shots in a film which seems obsessed with uncovering the less glamorous, non-cinematic side of New York life.”

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CINEUROPA on Juan Sebastian Vasquez / Callback

“No, from the very first shots, and with the raw photography by Juan Sebastián Vasquez, we become the inseparable companions of Larry, who is neither attractive nor ugly, neither likeable nor chatty: he works for a removals company and lives in an apartment near the railway line, fighting his loneliness by selflessly sharing his living space with female travellers, pretty ones if possible.”

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